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Jonathan A Wood Did it Really Happen - dsksun.ru

Jonathan A. Wood Did it Really Happen?

The Bible makes remarkable claims about people and events in world history. Creation, Adam and Eve, Israel's escape from Egypt, the rise and fall of Israel's kingdom, the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection, the growth of the church–all points of interest by scholars for the historical veracity of the Scriptures. Yet, the Bible does not appear to present the acts of God in history for the purpose of vindicating historical accuracy of the text. The Bible is a story that reveals the living God through inspired writings that communicate the meaning of historical events. In light of the Bible as the revelation of God, and the high stakes of historical veracity for the claims of the Bible, how should Christians approach the interpretation of the Scriptures in a faithful way? Carl F. H. Henry offers guidance as a foremost theologian regarding God, revelation, and the Scriptures. In Did it Really Happen? Jonathan Wood engages the thought of Carl Henry in dialogue with the major alternatives to revelation, history, and the biblical text. The value of Carl Henry's approach is shown to provide a path forward for affirming the historicity of the Bible while interpreting the text well.

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Ruth Schultz It Did Happen Here

Richard Wilson The Evil Ones

The aliens chose their first contact at random. Did it really matter that it was a lunatic asylum?

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Madeleine John St. The Essence of the Thing

An exciting new talent, shortlisted for the 1997 Booker Prize, hailed as ‘a triumph’ by The Times, and a poignant observer of human hearts, foibles and follies. ‘’There isn’t a false note in the book, nothing but ravishing grace, wit and tender feelings.’ Mail on SundayNicola’s problems began when she is finally told by her partner, Jonathan, ‘that we should part…’. She nips out to the off-licence to buy cigarettes and returns to find a stranger in her living room. The stranger looks like Jonathan, talks like Jonathan, yet Nicola did not recognise him as the man he was before. Jonathan had always been predictable, but now Nicola wondered where was the man she loved? How did he become such a mystery all of a sudden? Since when did a solicitor have hidden depths? Friends gather round, always ready to offer encouragement or insult her ex-husband, yet Nicola must face up to the adjustments of Life After Jonathan. It is not the experience of liberation, empowerment and excitement it is meant to be. Madeleine St John’s third novel is haunting and hilarious. St John is at her bittersweet best writing of the things women will do to hold on to love and the things men will do to escape it .

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L. Major Reynolds Holes Incorporated

It was getting so a person couldn’t sleep nights anymore. Would you like to see all hell break loose? Just make a few holes in nothing at all—push some steel beams through the holes—and then head for the hills. But first, read what happened to some people who really did it.

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Tatiana Oliva Morales It was getting dark

A few years ago I watched the performance of Mikhail Zadornov with his monologue «It was getting dark», which I really liked and could not get it out of my mind. Then I decided that I would definitely write something on the same wavelength. But a suitable life situation did not come. And this New Year, at the festive table, one of the guests told a very funny and cautionary tale. It became the plot of this book.

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John Bishop How Did All This Happen?

If you’re a man of a certain age you’ll know there comes a point in life when getting a sports car and over-analysing your contribution to society sounds like a really good idea.With a good job in sales and marketing and a nice house in Manchester that he shared with his wife and kids, John Bishop was no different when he turned the dreaded 4-0. But instead of spanking a load of cash on a car that would have made him look like a senior stylist at Vidal Sassoon, he stumbled onto a pathway that ultimately lead him to become one of the nation’s best loved comedians. It was a gamble, but boy, did it pay off.How Did All This Happen? is the story of how a boy who, growing up on a council estate dreaming of ousting Kenny Dalglish from Liverpool FC’s starting line-up, suddenly found himself on stage in front of thousands of people nationwide, at an age when he should have known better.In his own inimitable style, John guides us through his life from leaving the estate and travelling the globe on a shoe string, to marriage, kids and the split that led him to being on a stage complaining to strangers one night – the night that changed his life and started his journey to stardom.Wonderfully entertaining and packed with colourful reminiscences and comical anecdotes, this is a heart-warming, life-affirming and ultimately very, very funny memoir from one of the nation’s greatest comedians.

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Mar Pavón ¿Puede pasarle a cualquiera? (Could it Happen to Anyone?)

Hermoso cuento infantil sobre la injusticia con la que muchas veces los adultos tratamos a los niños, con aquellos accidentes que pueden pasarle a cualquiera. A story that tells how sometimes, when we tell off our children without thinking, we don’t think that “It could happen to anyone”. Lexile Level: 880L

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Lori Foster Outrageous

OutrageousJudd Sanders couldn't believe it when the beautiful, wide-eyed woman he rescued from some drunk hoodlums started poking her gorgeous little nose into his business. She was obviously a menace to herself–not to mention to his libido. Worse, she'd blow his cover. For little did Emily Cooper know that Judd was really a cop–whose cover left him a little too «uncovered» for his liking….

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Herriot J. It Shouldn t Happen to a Vet

Did it Really Happen? - E-Book - Jonathan A. Wood - Storytel

In Did it Really Happen? Jonathan Wood engages the thought of Carl Henry in dialogue with the major alternatives to revelation, history, and the biblical text. The value of Carl Henry's approach is shown to provide a path forward for affirming the historicity of the Bible while interpreting the text well. Gratis ausprobieren Geschenkkarte Geschenkkarte einlösen Geschenkkarte kaufen ...

Did It Really Happen? by Jonathan a Wood (2019, Hardcover ...

In Did it Really Happen? Jonathan Wood engages the thought of Carl Henry in dialogue with the major alternatives to revelation, history, and the biblical text. The value of Carl Henry's approach is shown to provide a path forward for affirming the historicity of the Bible while interpreting the text well. Product Identifiers . Publisher. Wipf & Stock Publishers. ISBN-10. 1532678231. ISBN-13 ...

Did it Really Happen? - Libro electrónico - Jonathan A ...

In Did it Really Happen? Jonathan Wood engages the thought of Carl Henry in dialogue with the major alternatives to revelation, history, and the biblical text. The value of Carl Henry's approach is shown to provide a path forward for affirming the historicity of the Bible while interpreting the text well.

Nurse Lori Wood Adopts Homeless Man Jonathan Pinkard She ...

Jonathan Pinkard desperately needed a heart transplant. But Pinkard was homeless, and he did not have a support system to help care for him after a transplant - and that disqualified him from the ...

how they did it - Fine Woodworking

how they did it That’s a good line by Jonathan b inzen T he flowing forms of david Fisher’s bowls (see the back cover) are derived as much from the hand tools he uses as from his imagination. “The way the adze is swung, the way a gouge is pushed through the wood, actually aid in creating the lines I’m striving for,” he says. “I ...

A moment that changed me: leaving the priesthood for love ...

So I did. And after many meetings, I finally told him I was choosing love over the church. He was adamant that it wouldn’t last and I would come crawling back within a year. I was under a lot of

Jonathan Swift on Wood's Halfpence

At last one Mr. Wood, a mean, ordinary man, a hardware dealer, procured a patent, under his Majesty's broad seal, to coin £108,000 in copper for this kingdom; which patent, however, did not oblige anyone here to take them, unless they pleased. Now you must know that the halfpence and farthings in England pass for very little more than they are worth; and if you should beat them to pieces, and ...

1 Samuel 14:27 Jonathan, however, had not heard that his ...

But Jonathan did not hear when his father made the people swear. And he put forth the end of the rod in his hand and dipped it in a honeycomb, and put his hand to his mouth. And his eyes were enlightened. GOD'S WORD® Translation Jonathan hadn't heard that his father forced the troops to take an oath. So he stretched out the tip of the staff he had in his hand and dipped it in the honeycomb ...

John Harrison - Wikipedia

John Harrison (3 April [O.S. 24 March] 1693 – 24 March 1776) was a self-educated English carpenter and clockmaker who invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought-after device for solving the problem of calculating longitude while at sea.. Harrison's solution revolutionized navigation and greatly increased the safety of long-distance sea travel.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 3

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 3 We're Not Afraid to Die solved by Expert Teachers as per NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. Class 11 English Chapter 3 We are not Afraid to die Questions with Solutions to help you to revise complete Syllabus and Score More marks in your examinations.

Puritanism | Definition, History, Beliefs, & Facts ...

Puritanism, a religious reform movement in the late 16th and 17th centuries that was known for the intensity of the religious experience that it fostered. Puritans’ efforts contributed to both civil war in England and the founding of colonies in America. Learn more about Puritanism, its history, and beliefs.

UPDATE: Judge hammers Jon Woods with more than 18 years in ...

Federal Judge Timothy Brooks has sentenced former Sen. Jon Woods to 220 months, or more than 18 years in prison and ordered him to make restitution of $1.6 million for masterminding kickback ...

JONATHAN — Jonathan’s® Spoons

I took a piece of scrap wood and quickly shaped a spoon. I had majored in art and design at the University of Illinois, and wanted to create something both beautiful and functional, which led me to explore working with wood. In 1978, following my apprenticeship, I worked in a canoe-seat factory in Maine. When I was laid off from my job, I wanted to work for myself. My home workshop was in the ...

Jonathan M. Woodward - IMDb

Jonathan M. Woodward, Actor: Angel. Jonathan M. Woodward was born on November 20, 1973 in Moscow, Idaho, USA as Jonathan Mark Woodward. He is an actor, known for Angel (1999), Firefly (2002) and Pipe Dream (2002).

Jonathan Knight - Wikipedia

Jonathan Rashleigh Knight (born November 29, 1968) is an American singer.He is part of the boy band New Kids on the Block.It also includes Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and his younger brother, Jordan.He is the oldest member of the band and the first to leave it in 1994 prior to their official split.

1 Samuel 23:16 And Saul's son Jonathan came to David in ...

(16) And Jonathan Saul's son arose, and went to David.--Some have wished to show that the account of the last interview between the friends really belongs to the secret meeting between David and Jonathan recounted in 1 Samuel 20, and that it has got transposed; but such a view is quite untenable, for the narrative here is circumstantial, and even mentions the scene of the interview--"the wood ...

American Gothic, Grant Wood (1930) | Culture | The Guardian

Jonathan Jones. Sat 18 May 2002 11.05 EDT First published on Sat 18 May 2002 11.05 EDT. Share on Facebook ; Share on Twitter; Share via Email · View the work online. Artist: Grant Wood (1892-1941 ...

Remembering Jonathan Woodgate's calamitous Real Madrid ...

Leeds, Newcastle and Tottenham fans will attest that Jonathan Woodgate was a brilliant defender at his best. But no one will ever forget his brilliantly awful Real Madrid debut.. Woodgate enjoyed a brilliant early part of his career and had success after his time in Madrid, too, but we’re not here to talk about that.. Instead, let’s remember when he made his Real Madrid debut, 13 months ...

Videos | The Words of Jonathan M. Wood

During college I did a lot of video and film work. The projects I completed were for school, film competitions, and privately contracted work. You can check out some of my work on my Vimeo page. My Vimeo username is jwood724. The Words of Jonathan M. Wood. Life from my eyes. Skip to content. Home; About Jonathan; Videos; Videos. During college I did a lot of video and film work. The projects I ...

楽天Kobo電子書籍ストア: Did it Really Happen? - Apologetics and ...

In Did it Really Happen? Jonathan Wood engages the thought of Carl Henry in dialogue with the major alternatives to revelation, history, and the biblical text. The value of Carl Henry's approach is shown to provide a path forward for affirming the historicity of the Bible while interpreting the text well.

Jonathan Groff - Lost in the Woods (From "Frozen 2"/Sing ...

Sing along to “Lost in the Woods” from Disney’s Frozen 2 featuring the original song performed by Jonathan Groff (voice of Kristoff) and written by Academy A...

Lost In The Woods by Jonathan Groff - Songfacts

"Lost in the Woods" is a '80s power ballad performed by actor and singer Jonathan Groff in the Disney animated movie Frozen 2. Groff voices Kristoff, an introverted ice harvester and the boyfriend of Anna, Princess of Arendelle. The song is sung in a scene where Kristoff has been left behind while ...

Wood | Wood

Wood has been present in the Caspian region for over 20 years. We combine our strong knowledge of the area, global expertise across the entire asset life cycle and experience required to operate successfully in the harsh and complex environment of the world’s largest land-locked body of water. Read more Middle East. The Middle East is a key growth area for Wood. We have maintained a presence ...

1 Samuel 14:24-48 NIV - Jonathan Eats Honey - Now the ...

Jonathan Eats Honey. 24 Now the Israelites were in distress that day, because Saul had bound the people under an oath, saying, “Cursed be anyone who eats food before evening comes, before I have avenged myself on my enemies!” So none of the troops tasted food. 25 The entire army entered the woods, and there was honey on the ground. 26 When they went into the woods, they saw the honey ...

'Hart to Hart' -- 1979/1984 | EW.com

Jonathan and Jennifer Hart were fabulously wealthy. He was the CEO of Hart Industries and she was a freelance journalist, but as you know, when they met…it was murder.The jet-setting duo with a ...

Pulitzer Prize | History, Winners, & Facts | Britannica

Pulitzer Prize, any of a series of annual prizes awarded by Columbia University, New York City, for outstanding public service and achievement in American journalism, letters, and music. The prizes are highly esteemed and have been awarded each May since 1917.

Jonathan Woods, Moravian Falls, Taylorsville – North ...

Jonathan Woods Jonathan Gabriel Woods, age 31, of Taylorsville, passed away on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Jonathan was born May 13, 1989 in Iredell County, the son of Christopher Woods (Angela) of Oklahoma and Dianne Durmire Fox (Frank) of Taylorsville. He was a US Army veteran and was of the Christian… Jonathan Gabriel Woods, age 31, of Taylorsville, passed away on Sunday, October 18 ...

Jonathan Haidt and the Moral Matrix: Breaking Out of Our ...

Meet Jonathan Haidt, a professor of social psychology at the University of Virginia who studies morality and emotion. If social psychology was a sport, Haidt would be a Phil Mickelson or Rodger ...

Lockwood & Co. Series by Jonathan Stroud

by Jonathan Stroud. 4.33 · 17108 Ratings · 2100 Reviews · published 2014 · 46 editions. In the six months since Anthony, Lucy, and George … More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve The Whispering Skull. Want to Read; Currently Reading; Read; Add New Shelf; Done. Shelving menu. Want to Read; Currently Reading; Read; Add New Shelf; Rate it: Book 3. The Hollow Boy. by Jonathan Stroud. 4.37 ...

Jonathan Wood, Medical Center Navicent Health Pediatric ...

Jonathan Wood is a practicing Pediatrics doctor in Macon, GA. Health News. Coronavirus Outbreak: Latest News & Updates; Surgeon General On How to Practice Social Distancing

"Hart to Hart" Hart to Hart (TV Episode 1979) - IMDb

Directed by Tom Mankiewicz. With Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander, Roddy McDowall. A friend of Jonathan Hart's is killed in a motor accident just after he has left a health farm, apparently committing suicide. There was no warning of him being troubled so the Harts go undercover to find out what happened at the farm.

Frozen II: The Story Behind Jonathan Groff’s Surprising ...

“Bobby laid down like 18 different tracks and then Jonathan Groff did them 18 times. So not only is this a solo for Jonathan Groff, but it’s actually 18 Jonathan Groffs. We gave you 18 Groffs ...

20 Celebrities Who Wear Hair Pieces - Taddlr

In Hollywood, it’s all about age. You are too old already when the rest of the world still sees you as a young thirty-something. That’s why celebrities do all in their power to improve their looks and deceive us. They use hair pieces or wigs to hide their balding head, for example. Taddlr is not

Lost In The Woods - Jonathan Groff | "Frozen 2" | (Lyrics ...

"Lost In The Woods" by Jonathan Groff | lyrics video From Disney's "Frozen 2" Please Like & Subscribe!!! 😁 Lyrics: [Kristoff:] Again, you're gone Off on a di...

HGTV's Ben Napier Opens Up About His Health and Life With ...

If you did, would you wear your tool belt like he did? Ben: Haha, Chip is in better shape than me! I ran cross-country in high school, and my maximum distance was about 15 miles without stopping. That was 20 years ago, and I was 80 pounds lighter back then. So, I'll have to raise money in other ways. Like rappelling down a building! He Sweats While the Baby Sleeps. HGTV: New parenthood really ...

Jonathan Eats Honey from 1 Samuel 14:24-30

The Jonathan Eats Honey Bible scriptures located in 1 Samuel 14:24-30 explains directly from God's Word the Jonathan Eats Honey topic. 1 Samuel 14:24 And the men of Israel were distressed that day: for Saul had adjured the people, saying, Cursed be the man that eateth any food until evening, that I may be avenged on mine enemies.

When A False Teacher Calls America "Israel" - Berean Research

Jonathan Cahn, a popular Christian author, claims that his books reveal mysteries and predict the future. He thus portrays himself as like the Biblical prophets, including the claim of having new revelations. The main point of his book is that America is a second Israel and that she is being judged according to the seven-year Sabbath law called “shemitah” that was given to ancient Israel ...

History Matters - Texas A&M University

Department of History Texas A&M University 4236 TAMU College Station, Texas 77843-4236 Phone: 979-845-7151 historydept@tamu.edu

Books by Jonathan Kollt (Author of Trading Moms)

Jonathan Kollt has 39 books on Goodreads with 49 ratings. Jonathan Kollt’s most popular book is Trading Moms.

The 1/3 Rule for Pruning Shrubs

Jonathan Landsman is a professional horticulturist and former city planner for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. ... It’s important to remove enough wood to achieve your goals. For new gardeners, the tendency is to prune too little and fall short of the ideal. When 1/3 Is Not Enough . When a shrub has been neglected for many years, it may get so overgrown and out of control that ...

67 Best Interiors images in 2020 | Jonathan adler living ...

Jan 27, 2020 - Explore canimdan's board "Interiors" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Jonathan adler living room, House colors, Outdoor oven.

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture Jonathan Charles Fine ...

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture 43" Windsor Chess and Backgammon Table 492242-WAL. CONNEXITY. more photos on sale for $2,799.99 original price $4,784.00 $ 2799.99 $4,784.00 ...

Erection - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some slang terms for having an erection are getting hard, getting wood and having a hard-on, and an erect penis is informally called a boner, hard-on, stiffy, wood or woody. How it happens Edit A drawing showing the inside structure of the penis This cross-section of a penis (what you would see if a penis was sliced across its middle) shows the two corpora cavernosa penis near the top surface ...

‘Hart to Hart’ star Stefanie Powers says she and Robert ...

HART TO HART - TV movie - Pilot - 8/25/79, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart (Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers) were rich, stylish and supersleuths. Jonathan, a self-made millionaire and head of the ...

Everything Is Illuminated (film) - Wikipedia

Everything Is Illuminated is a 2005 biographical comedy-drama film, written and directed by Liev Schreiber and starring Elijah Wood and Eugene Hütz.It was adapted from the novel of the same name by Jonathan Safran Foer, and was the debut film of Liev Schreiber both as a director and as a screenwriter.


The Boxing Database. To see weights, rounds and other information please log in, it's free

Can't Miss Deals on Jonathan Adler Jacques Coffee Table ...

Jonathan Adler Jacques Coffee Table 18003 Color: Brass. CONNEXITY. more photos on sale for $1,450.00 original price $1,619.99 $ 1450.00 $1,619.99. at Wayfair Add To Cart ...

ESPN: Serving sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere. - ESPN

ESPN's dedicated homepage for scores, news and articles about Recruiting FB

Stephen B. Ubaney Who Murdered FDR?

It&#39;s time to revisit 1945 and the final days World War II in a way that no one else ever has. Grab your thinking cap and join author Steve Ubaney in volume II of his five volume &quot;Who Murdered?&quot; book series, where he probes every part of FDR&#39;s mysterious death. We have been told all the lies for decades, now it&#39;s time to answer some very pointed questions. <br><br>Why did Eleanor Roosevelt suddenly, 12 years after FDR&#39;s death, hire a private investigator to probe his doctor&#39;s treatment methods? Why were all of FDR&#39;s medical records stolen from a locked filing cabinet at Bethesda Naval Hospital, which was ironically, the same hospital that covered up so many facts during the JFK autopsy? <br><br>Are we really expected to believe that FDR died of natural causes at the same time Allied Troops were closing in on Hitler&#39;s bunker? Are we really expected to believe that Roosevelt, Hitler and Mussolini all died within an 18 day span by coincidence? This book will change the way you look at WWII and President Roosevelt&#39;s death forever. It did not happen as we were told. Can you handle the truth?<br>

544.84 RUR

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Shakespeare William A Midsummer Night's Dream (+CD)

This wonderful story of fairies, dreams and lovers is as popular today as it was in Shakespeare’s time. In a wood outside Athens, four young people are following their dreams, while fairies play strange games with them. Their world seems unreal – but is it really very different from our own? Retold by Chris Rice.

1007 RUR

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Шэрон Кендрик Savage Seduction

When enemies marry…Constantine Sioulas was a man of primitive passions… . Jade knew that. But she couldn't believe it when, after a whirlwind courtship, he insisted that she marry him! Things like that simply didn't happen to girls like her… did they? And Constantine soon made it clear that, far from loving Jade, he despised her for her apparent betrayal.But, locked into this marriage of convenience, Jade was determined to enjoy her husband's special brand of savage seduction!"New author Sharon Kendrick makes a good first mark in the romance genre… " – Romantic Times on No Escaping Love

455.64 RUR

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Mar Pavón Could It Happen to Anyone?

Winner at the 2012 International Latino Book Awards A story that tells how sometimes, when we tell off our children without thinking, we don’t think that “It could happen to anyone”. Guided Reading Level: M, Lexile Level: 800L

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Ali Sarah The Frog Prince

One day the princess was playing with her favourite toy in the garden. It fell into a deep well. She couldn’t get it out and she was very sad. A frog said he could help her, but only if she did what he said. What did he want? And did the princess do what he said? The story and the pictures will help you find out!

466 RUR

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Lori Foster Murphy's Law

“Lori Foster is a funny, steamy, guaranteed good read! Say YES! to Lori Foster.” –Elizabeth Lowell ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG. . . Nothing is going to go wrong. Ashley Miles has worked too hard for her independence to let some Bentley-driving hunk named Quinton Murphy interfere with her plans—or her freedom. Yes, the chemistry is phenomenal. Kind of scary, actually. But that’s it. NO emotional commitments. . . .WILL But he’s SO wonderful—a woman could fall in love . . . How did that happen? That wasn’t part of the plan! But can she trust him? Really trust him? The man is just so mysterious. There’s only one solution: put it all on the line and see what Quinton does when she tells him how she feels. And hope everything that can go wrong. . .won’t. . . “Smart, Sexy, engaging characters. The pages sizzle!” –Christine Feehan . . .

591.61 RUR

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Penny MD Mahon A Texas Ta-Ta's Take on Internet Dating

A hilariously funny, laugh till you pee, realistic look at Internet Dating experiences. It deals with the real-life struggle of finding a worthwhile relationship in the &quot;grass is always greener&quot; society. <br><br>When you see those romantic dating ads on TV, you have no concept of what could really happen. It all looks SO EASY! This book takes that mushy, romantic stuff, rolls it into a ball and deep fries it.<br><br>If you have ever experienced a date that didn&#39;t quite meet your expectations, then reading this book will bring a smile to your face, a lift to your heart and ease away those dating blues. After all, misery does love company.

230.31 RUR

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Gil Scott-Heron The Vulture

First published in 1970 and digging the rhythms of the street, where the biggest deal life has to offer is getting high, THE VULTURE is a hip and fast-moving thriller. It relates the strange story of the murder of a teenage boy called John Lee – telling it in the words of four men who knew him when he was just another kid working after school, hanging out, waiting for something to happen.
Just who did kill John Lee and why?

1035.9 RUR

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Jackie Kabler Am I Guilty?: The gripping, emotional domestic thriller debut filled with suspense, mystery and surprises!

Everyone thinks I did it…maybe I did.Gripping, exciting and emotional, this book will grab you from the first page and refuse to let you go until the final chapter!I never thought it would happen to me… One moment I had it all – a gorgeous husband, a beautiful home, a fulfilling career and two adorable children. The next, everything came crashing down around me. They said it was my fault. They said I’m the worst mother in the world. And even though I can’t remember what happened that day, they wouldn’t lie to me. These are my friends, my family, people I trust. But then why do I have this creeping sensation that something is wrong? Why do I feel like people are keeping secrets? Am I really as guilty as they say? And if I’m not, what will happen when the truth comes out…?

279.83 RUR

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Lyn Stone In Harm's Way

HE DIDN'T LOOK MUCH LIKE A DETECTIVE….Maybe it was the whole Southern comfort thing–the sinfully rich accent, that lazy smile, his heated touch, kindness that nearly disarmed her. But Robin Andrews knew better than to trust a man…especially this one. Did Detective Mitch Winton really have her best interest in mind? Or was he just toying with his prime suspect?The cosmopolitan beauty hadn't killed anyone. Mitch would stake his badge on it–and, in fact, he did. Because he was going above and beyond the call of duty to figure out who had killed Robin's estranged husband and why the killer was suddenly after her. But it wasn't his badge he was worried about losing…it was his heart.

149.75 RUR

/ / похожие

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